4 Ingredient Fudge

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This four-ingredient fudge recipe is so surprising because it isn’t like any other fudge recipe. Traditional fudge consists of milk, sugar and butter, which are cooked together on the stove until a certain temperature. The temperature of the sugar mixture is important because that is what helps the fudge set. In the case of this easy fudge recipe, there is no time spent cooking over a hot stove, and all the ingredients are suitable for paleo and dairy-free diets. This fudge recipe will have you covered no matter who you are serving because it is also suitable for a gluten free diet. Katja, the author of Savory Lotus recipe and lifestyle blog, came up with this sweet treat as a guilt-free option for her and her family. Rather than relying on granulated sugar for sweetness, these fun desserts use fresh raspberries and coconut oil, which add that signature of dessert.

Despite this recipe for fudge candy being unlike fudge in the traditional sense, it has a smooth, chewy centre that is recognisable. This is due to the use of coconut butter and coconut oil, which when combined and frozen, doesn’t set firmly into a rock; it is set enough that you can cut it into pieces, but it still has the creaminess on the inside. The freezer is a necessary step for the fudge recipe because the fudge mixture won’t firm up otherwise. This fudge will be a little thinner than traditional fudge, but if you enjoy thick squares of it, you can increase the fudge recipe to create more volume in the dish. The mixture may require a lot longer to set but should produce thick squares. If you aren’t sure where to buy coconut butter or oil, they are common finds these days in the natural food section of the grocery store or bulk food stores.

Raspberry recipes are delicious to have on stand-by because everyone loves their sweet, tart taste. They tend to be expensive off-season, though, and so this fudge recipe is ideal to make during summer when raspberries are at their peak. Alternatively, if you would like to make this dessert all year round, you could substitute with thawed frozen raspberries, which are more widely available through the entire year. Katja specifies to puree the raspberries until completely smooth, and you may be wondering how to do this. The best blending equipment to use would be a high-powered blender, because they are designed to take on vegetables and fruit, and turn them into something smooth, like smoothies. If you don’t have a blender, though, you could try to use a mini-chop or hand-held blender. Stay away from a full-sized food processor, since the blades may not pick up the raspberries or blend them smoothly.

Next time you are looking for healthy dessert recipes, consider this raspberry fudge, which is fast and easy to make. The raspberries are swirled into the top of the fudge, giving a pretty ruby red finish to the white coconut base. Thank you to Katja, the author of Savory Lotus recipe blog, for sharing her four-ingredient fudge recipe with us.

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