4 Ingredients to Clean Rusty Cast Iron

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Using cast iron for cooking is an increasingly unusual tool in the kitchen. But if you still use one here are 4 ingredients to clean rust cast iron if it happens that your pan rusts in your kitchen.

I used only cast iron for a long time, and still prefer it for certain dishes, especially searing meat, which calls for a hot pan. One tip for using cast iron is to let it pre-heat before you use it. Perhaps one of the best characteristics of an iron pan is that once it gets hot, it stays hot. So even for cooking something as simple as fried eggs, you pre-heat the pan, then put the egg on it, and the pan will retain its heat for some time. You can even turn off the heat, which means that a cast iron pan can be more energy efficient.

You must also always remember to temper your pan when you get it. Just heat it up then pour a good quantity of vegetable oil on the pan and tip it to spread it evenly on the hot pan. Allow the pan to cool then use a paper towel to be sure the oil is on every part of the pan. Do this a few times to be sure the pan is entirely tempered.

Sometimes people think you cannot use soap on a pan of this kind. That is not true. When you temper oil as described above, it changes the chemical properties of the oil, and it becomes a coating that is now part of the pan. So you can use soap without issue.

Be sure it is dry. The best way to get rust in a pan like this is to let it sit wet. One way to be sure it is completely dry is to put it in your warming oven for a few minutes once you have washed and dried it.

If you want to clean your pan using different ingredients, such as salt, go to this website and see how they use natural ingredients to clean this pan.

I prefer to use natural cleaners whenever possible. That way I know precisely what is on my cooking pans and what sorts of things are on my counters where little hands can wander and then get put in to little mouths.

A cast iron pan, especially if you have inherited it from family, is best used often. Once you learn about its particular characteristics you may find that it becomes a valuable tool in your kitchen.

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