4 Simple Ways to Repel Ants

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Oh, how we love summer – it’s truly our favourite time of year! But unfortunately, many pesky creatures also adore summer too, and they can start moving in during the warm season! Take ants, for example - once they find a chink in your armour (that is, a hole in your wall), they can be very difficult to get rid of. And who wants to use toxic chemicals in their home or garden, especially if you have children and pets around? We sure don’t! So here is a comprehensive list of natural ant repellents for us all to get acquainted with, so our ant problems don’t get out of control.

The first thing we need to look at is: what’s attracting the ants in the first place? Ants adore sugar and can sense it from miles away. So, let’s roll up our sleeves, put on the rubber gloves, and get cleaning. Remove all food from your cupboards, sweep the floor, and scrub all surfaces – first with hot soapy water, then with a vinegar and water solution. Ants do NOT like vinegar! Place all food items in sealed bags or containers and keep them in your refrigerator if you possibly can.

Once everything is squeaky clean, we need to make sure it stays that way. Sweep the floor after every meal, wipe up spills and make sure there’s no moisture lurking anywhere – ants love a drink of water from time to time, especially in the hot summer. Don’t forget to take out the garbage! Next, we gotta find out where the ants are coming in. Check for holes in the walls, tiny gaps where they can be entering your home. If you find any, then seal them up – using caulking, sealant, cotton balls, or even duct tape. If you can’t figure out where they’re coming from, this great article has a few tips and tricks that will help take your investigation to the next level. For more Natural Ant Repellents and Tips, please visit the Home And Gardening Ideas website below!

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