40 Clove Garlic Chicken Dip

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Before you pass out from thinking about cooking with a whopping 40 cloves of garlic in this yummy 40 Clove Garlic Chicken Dip recipe, settle down. This recipe calls for roasted garlic, which is a quite different (and fabulous) product from the raw stuff (which is also fabulous, but in a different kind of way). So get out and buy a couple of heads of garlic, and start splitting them open a bit, and be prepared to be surprised, if you have not had baked garlic before, by the mellow and earthy flavor that baking garlic results in, in this 40 clove garlic chicken dip recipe. It is fabulous, and one that you will return to many times in order to prepare snacks or appetizers or just something to add to beef up mayonnaise or ketchup in various dishes you may be serving to family and friends.

There is a lot of garlic used in this 40 clove garlic chicken dip recipe, but the garlic is not really the star of this show. The main ingredient, arguably, is the chicken that is included. There is also a whopping amount of cheese, and two kinds of it, in fact, that add richness and creaminess to this 40 clove garlic chicken dip recipe. So the garlic is there to simply complement and underscore the more dominant ingredients of chicken and cheese. These two ingredients, chicken and cheese, go well together. Chicken is a some what bland and rather sweet meat that can be paired with a lot of other flavors. Here, the cheese, with its richness and some what tart flavor, helps the chicken become a bit snappier. That slightly sharp flavor brought on by the cheese is then tempered by the deep and earthy flavor that can be found in the garlic. Together, these ingredients, the garlic, chicken and cheese, combine to form a dip that gives some real kick.

This 40 clove garlic chicken dip recipe is heated to melt the cheeses and to help bring all the flavors together. Serve it while it is still warm and with plenty of different complementary breads, crackers, or even fresh veggies. Celery would be a great choice to eat with this 40 clove garlic chicken dip recipe. This dish is not difficult to make, and baking cloves of garlic is easy to do. Even your newest cook or family baker can try his or her hand at putting this dish together, and with terrific results that will get plenty of raves from whomever gets to eat it. The recipe website, Wonky Wonderful, helps to explain the process and makes this recipe very easy with its simple directions and clear how to’s.

Nutrition Facts for: 40 Clove Garlic Chicken Dip From Wonky Wonderful
Ingredients: Mayonnaise, Italian cheese blend, cream cheese, yogurt, cracked pepper, rotisserie chicken roasted garlic cloved.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for ONE recipe. * Per Recipe: Calories 1105, Calories from Fat 590, Total Fat 65.5g 101%, Saturated Fat 30.3g 151%,, Cholesterol 255mg 85%, Sodium 948mg 40%, Potassium 1183mg 34%, Carbohydrates 66.0g 22%, Dietary Fiber 2.8g 11%, Sugars 13.8g, Protein 64.4g, Vitamin A 35%, Vitamin C 64%, Calcium 56%, Iron 29%

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