40 Incredible Double Duty Tips for Household Items

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The best thing about owning stuff is using it to accomplish multiple tasks. This article talks about 40 incredible double duty tips for household items that you may not yet have discovered. It will make you feel better about the money you spend and also make that money go further because you know how to do more than one task with the things you own. Your family will be impressed with your versatility and you will like the fuller feeling in your wallet.

We all use some of the usual double duty tricks like using your worn toothbrush to scrub the lip of the water bottle or to get in to every nook and cranny of the kitchen floor when it is washed. But do you know what other things are really useful around the house for all kinds of tasks and cleaning?

Many of us keep vinegar tucked in the far back corner for those occasional recipes that call for its use. But move your vinegar to the front of the class. You can use it to shine windows and remove odors too. Another indispensable item to own and keep handy is baking soda. Buy lots of it. Baking soda is great to absorb smells so put it in the fridge. Be sure to change it about every three months. Dont throw that soda out though. It can still be used for cleaning, scrubbing and stain removal on everything from pots and pans to clothing items.

We can find ourselves in a jam when our kids and pets keep running in and out of the house, especially in the summer. They track more mess and muck than you think is possible and your door runner can just get ruined. When kids truck in all kinds of suspicious things on their shoes (that of course they never remember to take off at the door!) put down an old towel on top of your runner. An old towel will quickly soak up the water from their shoes and even lift some of the grime from their shoes as they race by. Lift the towel at night once everyone is in, and toss it in to the laundry. Your runner is saved for another day, and youve brought new life to your old towels.

There are so many things that we might just toss or never use because we think they have only one purpose. Not so! With a little imagination many of the every day items that you might be tossing out could be repurposed, saving you money and helping your household stay clean and fresh. Go and find out many more household saving tips at the website, Simple Household Tips, by following the link below.

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