40 Meals in 4 Hours Crockpot Slow Cooker Freezer Cooking

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Enjoy 40 Meals in 4 Hours Crockpot Slow Cooker Freezer Cooking and invite some people over to help you make these great dishes. Perhaps you can share the shopping and make this with some friends, and then you can split the dishes in two. After all, 40 Meals in 4 Hours Crockpot Slow Cooker Freezer Cooking is a lot of food! There are 40 meals in all, all of them prepared in a slow cooker, which means great taste and plenty of ease in making these dishes up.

A slow cooker is the perfect way to make up this many meals. They all turn out moist and juicy, and are easy to make, too. Almost anything that you toss in to a slow cooker cooks up delicious and juicy. A slow cooker was invented when an aspiring entrepreneur noted how Jewish women prepared their meals for their traditional Sabbath day, a day of rest for that culture. They had to turn off everything for that day, and even shut down the ovens, which were operated by coal and wood. The ovens would still be hot for many hours, and so the women would put their food in to the oven in the dying embers of the fire. During the night, the food would cook slowly in the covered pots, and result in delicious and nutritious food the next day. And all of it was done without the women sacrificing the rest that they had on the Sabbath day. So it was a great and effective way to prepare food for their families. This method was observed and the slow cooker was invented after that method of cooking. The reason the slow cooker is so great is because of the lid that keeps the juices in and around whatever is cooking and because of the very slow cooking temperature that allows plenty of time for the flavors to mingle and come together. The result? Fabulous food, cooked to perfection, each and every time. The low temperature means no burning is really possible, and the lid ensures that the food you are cooking will retain as much moisture as possible and so tons of flavor, too!

So this site, Who Needs A Cape?, offers loads of ways to prepare quick and easy meals ahead of time by using the slow cooker and make the entire task faster and better. You can have all your dinners ready for you. Or, share the day with a friend and you can share the dinners, too. Whatever works is a great idea for you to choose! Enjoy the options you find on the page for dinner! Try these recipes out with a friend and have fun!

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