40 Rustic Christmas Decor Ideas You Can Build Yourself

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When Christmas is on the way, one of the things you're most likely thinking of is how you're going to decorate. If you're more into the traditional style of Christmas decor why not create an old-fashioned, rustic Christmas with some of your own diy Christmas decorations? These lovely diy ideas from DIY & Crafts have a cute country look. There are 40 fun diy projects you can choose from to add to your Christmas cheer this year. It's always great to go with a theme when you're decorating for Christmas. This includes choosing a colour pallet to stick with. You can go with the traditional red and green, a clean and classy all white pallet. You can also try something a bit more fun like black and gold with some white, or even silver. Purple, blue and green have also become popular colours to use when decorating and pink has even made an appearance in some people's Christmas decor. These diy ideas mainly use a lot of very natural decor elements and materials including burlap, greenery and wood. The best thing about these types of materials is that they are very easy to find, they are affordable and you can even sometimes find items to recycle to use for materials.

For example, if you buy items in bulk, you might purchase some items that come in burlap sacs which would give you some burlap to work with. Otherwise, burlap is super cheap at the fabric store or even a home and garden supply store. You can use wood that's been left over from other fun diy projects or maybe you can get your hands on some cool old barn wood if you're lucky. Whether you're looking to create a nice table setting, or to decorate your mantle or tree, there is something for every area of your home in this list of diy ideas, including your front porch. You can make a cute little post to put out on your front porch that can hold various special ornaments or even a handmade sign you create. All you need is a solid piece of wood for the post and then a platform to nail it onto, then you simply hammer in nails along the length of the post to hang ornaments on or even just one to hang a cute sign off of. You can stain it or paint it any colour and it would be easy to decorate for other seasons too.

If you're looking for ways to bring some festive spirit to your dinner table there are plenty of diy ideas for that. Including a cute soda crate centrepiece that's made out of a wooden box with some vintage looking soda bottles placed inside. You could put it on your dining room table or on the living room coffee table. It would also look great on your mantle or outside. You can fill each of the glass bottles with sprigs of evergreen or cedar, and add some berries to bring in some colour. It would also look quite glamorous to take some plain twigs and spray paint them with some metallic spray paint or with glue and then roll them in glitter. Mason jars are also a great option for some rustic looking decor ideas. Just put some Epsom salts in the bottom of several jars and put a tealight candle in each of them. You could take some twine and create a bow around the top of the jar or leave them simple. The epsom salts really look like snow. Enjoy these fun diy projects and choose a few that you will make this holiday season.***

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