463 ft Black and White Danish Summerhouse

Photo Credit: Nybolig Odsherred

This black and white summerhouse is located in an area of small cottage homes on the north coast of Zealand, Denmark’s largest island. The small cottage home is very cozy with just 463 square feet of inside floor space. This tiny wood cabin has two small bedrooms with a sleeping loft, which makes it a nice space for families to stay. The front door of the cabin building is at one end of the long, rectangular floor plan. There is a small entry space with a tiled bathroom to one side. After entering the small cottage home, you pass through the kitchen to reach the living/dining room space in the middle of the cabin building. This small cottage home is a good example of Hygge, which is an 18th-century Danish phenomenon that applies to wellness and creating a happier life in general. Hygge visually embodies Danish decor, whether it’s a cozy, candle-lit cabin building, or a serene, simple space that is shared with friends and family. The following are just some of the inspiring decor ideas to add hygge to your small cottage home for a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Keep it pure and simple. The Dane’s don't really like a lot of embellishment or loud color schemes. The idea of hygge in your small cottage home is to create a calm, serene space that feels peaceful and free of clutter. Color schemes are often purely monochrome, or a subtle mix of tonal shades that are harmonious. Light more candles. The Danes like to light more candles per person than anywhere else in Europe, and it's easy to see why. The glow of a candle is much better than artificial lighting; they help to create an inviting atmosphere and develop a soft, kinder form of light that is perfect for relaxing and socializing, which are two things the Danes do best. You want to make sure the candles are white and unscented though, as the Danes are purists after all. Stay in bed. There’s nothing better, or cozier than spending an extra hour or two in bed. Luckily, hygge is a concept that encourages this, whether it’s enjoying a nice Sunday nap, having breakfast in bed, or reading the morning paper. Create a cozy space so you can snuggle up in with plenty of layers, using quilts, pillows, and blankets for a nice place to relax.

Create a hyggekrog or snug area. Every small cottage home or wood cabin should have a cozy little nook to retreat to, a good spot is a window seat with a view looking out to nature. Add layers of cushions along with a blanket and enjoy an afternoon of peace and quiet with a good book. Get a fire going. Spending some time huddling around a fire with family and friends is part of the Danish culture, and a wood-burning stove is an energy-efficient option that Danes approve of. Introduce texture. The Danes also like to use a mixture of materials and patterns as a way of adding in some character and interest to what would otherwise be a relatively minimalist decor scheme. The Danes like to introduce plenty of warm, natural materials in their small cottage homes. You will often find materials such as wood, wool and leather. The overall look in a Danish cabin building will adhere to a simple color palette, that doesn't clash or is too distracting. Get hygge with friends and family. If nothing else, remember that one of the most important concepts of hygge is to get together with your friends and family in a relaxed environment.

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