5 Animals that will Make you Feel Good

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Animals are pretty amazing, and if you're an animal lover, you probably see all of the incredible qualities they naturally possess. Did you know that animals also have healing power as well? It's been shown and proven that animals used in animal assisted therapy can have the ability to help heal humans. You may have heard or seen people using guide dogs to assist them with everyday tasks. People who are blind often have guide dogs who are certified and trained to assist them. Other animal assisted therapy programs help to connect people with animals when they are suffering emotional or mental issues as emotional support animals. Horses have also been part of therapy programs to help people cope and work through emotional and physical issues. Scientists have been researching the impact different animals have on humans and what they've found is incredible and eye-opening. They have found that animals have a healing power that could not only help with emotional wellbeing but also to treat human illnesses and help in rehabilitation processes. You may even notice this with your own pets, or if you don't have any pets of your own with other people's pets and animals in general. People generally feel a sense of relaxation and ease around certain animals, and they also bring us joy and laughter which can increase quality of life.

Dogs are the number one animals brought into animal assisted therapy programs. Dogs have very keen perception skills which help them to tune into their person's emotions and even physical health. Certain therapy dogs are trained to pick up on slight changes in blood sugar levels in those with diabetes through scent. This way they can alert their owner so that the person can correct the drop or the spike in their blood sugar, so they don't crash. Of course, these types of therapy dogs require significant training to be able to do this so not every dog is going to be able to do this. However, you may notice that when you're feeling sad, your dog comes to you to comfort you and keep you company. They are very loyal companions who give a lot of unconditional love, and they truly make our lives better. Scientists have found that their saliva can even be beneficial for healing wounds. There is a protein known as Nerve Growth Factor in a dog's saliva that can heal wounds faster. In a study, wounds treated with the proteins in the saliva healed faster than wound without the salvia. Dogs are such easy pets to take care of because they give you so much back in return, even their slobbery kisses have healing power and aren't so gross after all.

Next on the list of animals people have for animal assisted therapy are cats. Cats are so fun to play with, and they can bring us so much joy through their great personalities. It's also very therapeutic to pet a cat, and some say that it can actually add years to your life. When you pet a cat the purring sound they make has also been found to have healing powers that might even be able to heal broken bones. The frequencies emitted by a purr of 20 to 50 Hertz can benefit a break in a bone, and purrs with frequencies of 20 to 140 Hertz can also help to mend ligaments, muscles and tendons. Much like dogs, cats can pick up on a human's emotional state and comfort us in times of sadness, anxiety and depression. They are one of the easy pets to take care of, and like dogs, they will give back as much as you give to them.***

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