5 Common Household Ingredients to REMOVE WINE STAINS!

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Red wine is one of those things you don't want to spill, especially on anything white. This may have happened to you in the past, and if you've tried to get red wine out by cleaning it as you would a normal stain, then you may be disappointed because red wine doesn't come out that easily. Thanks to Elena from Hometalk, you can get rid of them the easy way with natural ingredients. All you really need is some baking soda or some salt and a few other things to remove red wine stains. These cleaning tips will remove the dyes that the red wine leaves behind called tannins. These dyes are also what leaves those nasty purple stains on your teeth if you're drinking red wine too. Some of these natural ingredients you may already have on hand like baking soda, salt, white vinegar, dish soap, club soda, rubbing alcohol or Borax. You'll also need a spray bottle to put some of the cleaning ingredients in as well. Whether you've spilled red wine on your carpet, table cloth, sofa or an article of clothing, always blot the stain and don't rub it. This is one of the best cleaning tips for any stain, but for red wine stains, it's very important not to spread the stain around. Just take a cloth or a paper towel, anything you have nearby and gently blot the stain to absorb the wine.

Next, use one of the simple life hacks from Hometalk to get rid of the stain. Use baking soda or salt to contain the stain. Just sprinkle either of the two on the wine stain and allow the wine to absorb into the baking soda or salt. Let it sit for a while until all of the wine is absorbed and then you can brush it off into the sink or garbage. This simple life hack only works with fresh wine stains though, so it's great if you're out at a restaurant or a lounge. You can just ask for some baking soda from the kitchen. If the stain has already dried which can happen if you don't notice a stain until later or the next day, you will have to try something else. Using vinegar and dish soap should work with dry red wine stains. Simply put a small amount of vinegar and dish soap on the stain and use a cloth to blot the area and then scrub gently. Once you see that the stain has lifted just rinse the cleaning solution off of the item.

Another one that's great if you're out somewhere is to pour some club soda on the stain. Even if you're at home, it's always great to keep a can of club soda around for cleaning tips like this. Pour the club soda on the stain and watch it turn a reddish colour. Then take a cloth and soak up the liquid. If you've tried all of these simple life hacks and cleaning tips and you still have a stain left behind, you may want to try rubbing alcohol and borax to get the stain out. Just put some alcohol into a spray bottle and then spray it right on the stain and then add some borax and scrub with a cleaning brush or a toothbrush. Work your cleaning solution into the fabric or fibres and then take a cloth and dab the area and rinse with some water and dry well. These are some of the cleaning tips and simple life hacks that may come in handy when it comes to stains. Check out the rest at Hometalk.***

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