5 Easy Boneless Chicken Wing Recipes

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It doesn't have to be Super Bowl Sunday for it to be a good reason to make chicken wings. Wait isn’t everyday a great time to make them? Bobby and his great recipe from blog chef offers up a great take on this classic meal. Here is how to make a boneless chicken wing recipe that will allow you to eat the whole piece rather than the traditional chicken wing recipe that gets you to eat around a bone. How sweet is that especially the fact that you save on tissues. I have seen people go through two to three tissues for every one chicken wing.

For a healthier chicken wing recipe you have to look no further. Traditional chicken wing recipes use the dark meat that is filled with fat and artery clogging skin. This recipe is made with chicken breast one of the leanest parts of the chicken and the healthiest. How many of us would love to make a healthy meal while not losing out on the taste factor. The saying goes, “whatever tastes good is usually not healthy” This boneless chicken wing recipe throws that saying out the window with the bones. Traditional chicken wing recipes as well as this one ask the cooker to fry the chicken, if you are using canola oil instead of vegetable oil or lard then you have taken a step into the healthier eating world. Why not go one step further and bake them. This will not sacrifice taste but will definitely have your arteries jumping for joy. If you take the time to realize how often we eat chicken wings and that there are so many different takes on this comfort food then you will realize this boneless chicken wing recipe is not only a healthy take on the meal but also a delicious one.

Bobby has brought chicken into the world of great eats while making sure you get the benefits of the breast cut of meat and if you decide to bake them or fry in low fat oil you will be going down two streets both leading to healthier and tastier eating. Chicken wings have been around since….wait was it the chicken or the egg that came first? I still remember my first foray into eating chicken wings as most of us do. They came from somewhere else and I guarantee the way they cooked them was not in line with how best to make them while keeping them as healthy as possible.If you have the boys and girls together for the big game or just a casual Sunday - take the time to look over this great recipe and give Bobby’s boneless chicken wing recipe a chance. He also gives you a few different recipes for sauces that will make a great marriage of boneless chicken wing and sauce. Bon apetit.

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