5 Easy Ways to Organize the space under the Kitchen sink

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Opening up the cabinet under your kitchen sink to a mess is never ideal. Yet it's usually one of those places in the home that just becomes a catch-all for all of your cleaning supplies, cloths, and other items. So if you're hoping to get your home organized a bit better, a good place to start is with the cabinet under the sink. Luckily, these days there are a ton of great diy ideas and simple life hacks that make our lives so much easier. They take the guesswork out of organizing and make it very simple. Jillee from One Good Thing By Jillee is a pro at finding the best simple life hacks that make life easier and more organized. Among her great diy ideas that she has on her website are 5 easy ways to organize the space under your kitchen sink. These diy ideas give you some affordable, easy ways to save space and fit a lot of stuff under your kitchen sink. This is the perfect place for all of your cleaners, bug sprays and air fresheners. As well as your dishcloths, cleaning cloths, cleaning tools and dusters. You probably also keep your garbage bags down there too, and maybe even a watering can for watering your plants. Some people even store their garbage cans and recycling cans under there as well as composting containers.

If you store your cleaning supplies under your sink, try using a tension rod to hang spray bottles and cleaning bottles on. The spray handle hooks onto the rod perfectly which gets the bottles up and off the ground so that there is more space to work within the cabinet. Also, a great way to make space in your cabinet is to minimize the number of cleaners you use. Switching over to a natural multipurpose cleaner that can clean every room of the house is a great idea instead of having a cleaner for each individual area. If you own the home you live in, you can also install a permanent rod, so it's more sturdy too. It's also great to use plastic bins to store things in and even better if they have lids to keep them protected from water. In the case of a leaky pipe, your cleaning towels will be protected, and it will be easier to clean up after it too. You can also label each of the containers with what's inside so that you know right away what's in each container, so you don't have to look through each one to find what you're looking for.

Another good idea is so put a waterproof mat in your cabinet under the sink too. This will protect the floor of your cabinet from spills and leaks. The mat will be especially great if you store your garbage containers under your kitchen sink and it will catch any spills or leaks from that too. Then, you can easily remove the mat and wipe it clean instead of having water stains or other stains on your cabinet floor. You can also use different storage caddies on the insides of the cabinet doors to make some more storage space. Just be sure that you leave enough clearance room for them when the cabinet doors are closed. These simple life hacks and diy ideas should get you started, but there might be some other ideas that you come across along the way as you organize your cabinets. You can also use these diy ideas to organize your bathroom cabinets too as these cabinets also tend to become a little messy over time.***

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