5 Ingredient Easy Ranch Chicken

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Try this 5 Ingredient Easy Ranch Chicken soon, and make your day a bit easier with this simple and quick recipe. The chicken pieces are coated and baked. That is easy peasy, right? And it is easy enough for any young cook who has yet to try his or her hand at preparing a meal. This recipe will make the entire dinner easy to make. Serve this crunchy chicken with rice or potatoes and some steamed greens or a big salad for a lovely summer meal.

Chicken is a great and versatile meat. It can be baked, boiled, grilled, fried and prepared in any number of delicious ways. It pairs well with other meats like ham and the breasts are perfect for stuffing (think ham and cheese stuffed in breaded chicken and baked, served with a beautiful béchamel sauce). And most people will eat chicken even when they do not eat red meat. So think chicken when you think a party or new group of people that you plan to serve a meal. This recipe helps any one to make a great dinner for just the family or for plenty of guests. This recipe calls for chicken breasts, but you could use all parts of the chicken. We often forego the dark meat, but it is even more moist and delicious than the white meat of chicken. So think thighs and chicken legs (which are totally fun to eat with your fingers).

This is an easy 5 ingredient recipe for ranch chicken that comes together well and quickly to feed your family. Serve it with potatoes made up your favorite way (anywhere from baked to salad) and some great greens. You and your family will love this dish. Enjoy!

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