5 Ingredient Hershey Kiss Pies

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Thank you to Jamielyn at the ‘I Heart Nap Time’ recipe blog for sharing this super easy 5 Ingredient HERSHEY Kiss Pies recipe with us. This delicious 5 Ingredient HERSHEY Kiss Pies recipe is the dessert of all occasions. It has a sweet indulgence of Hershey chocolate and the goodness of marshmallow cream combined. It’s like a sweet marriage between the two ingredients.

Not only is this 5 Ingredient HERSHEY Kiss Pies recipe super easy to make but also ever so decadent. These Hershey kiss pies just melt in your mouth so delicately and smoothly. They simply entertain your taste buds in a way you have never been entertained before! This easy 5 Ingredient HERSHEY Kiss Pies recipe is so simple and uncomplicated to make. You could get your kids involved in making these and turn it into a happy family affair. Just roll the pie crust, make a circle shaped cut outs and smear the remaining ingredients before you transfer them in the oven. Once they are baked, cool them on a rack and drizzle with melted chocolate or add toppings of your choice such as whipped cream, jams or freshly cut fruits like Kiwi are great options as well.

If you are looking for a non gluten version of ingredients for this 5 Ingredient HERSHEY Kiss Pies recipe, then definitely go for gluten-free pie crust. Some popular gluten-free brands that make pie crust mix are ‘Bob’s Red Mill’ and ‘Glutino’. ‘Wholly Wholesome’ is another brand that makes great ready-made gluten-free pie crusts. If you’re watching your sugar intake, you could substitute the sweet chocolate with healthier options like unsweetened dark chocolate bits or semi-sweetened chocolate. Dark chocolate has proven health benefits for cardiovascular health and is very high in antioxidants.

Did you know that the founder, Milton Hershey of The Hershey Company built the town of Hershey in Pennsylvania? Till today, the place Hershey is referred to as "The Sweetest Place on Earth." It is hard to believe what can come out of just five ingredients put together. Now you have found a new way to impress your guests or maybe you could just eat them all by yourself. Either way, it’s like taking a journey into this sweet medley you’re going to fall in love. We have to warn you that this 5 ingredient Hershey kiss pies recipe is simply irresistible and, you just won’t know when to stop popping these pies in your mouth, especially if you have a massive sweet tooth!You can make them attractive by using all kinds of different Hershey flavors. You can even create a whole new theme for children’s birthday parties or, try making the candy cane ones during the holidays for that perfect ambience. And then you have chocolate mint or even dark chocolate, or why not just make all of them at once. Assorted flavors especially are a huge hit during parties or holiday season. This 5 Ingredient HERSHEY Kiss Pies recipe is a must try. Make some today!

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