5 Ingredient Pasta Salad

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The wonderful thing about pasta salad recipes is the fact that you can include many different flavors and textures in one simple and delicious dish. Easy pasta meals are exactly what are advertised. They are easy and some of the best salads are not complicated and over the top but easy and artisan. Dinner ideas with pasta are as many as the oceans are deep. It might sound like an exaggeration but they are quite literally endless. You can find hundreds and possibly thousands of recipes for pasta salads and if you tweak them a little bit then they become new ones. So when looking for easy pasta meals that make the best salads then take a look at Ali’s offering that includes many fresh ingredients and also uses some pre made ones to make them even easier. As with most dinner ideas with pasta you can make them even easier by pre making the pasta of you choice and keeping it in the fridge for whenever the mood hits you to make pasta salads or hot pasta dishes.

Most restaurants you eat at do not boil and prepare the pasta per order but always make four of five different varieties ahead of time and simply put the cold and oiled pasta back into some hot water before mixing them in the recipe that you have ordered. The secret is in the plan to make it and refrigerate it for when needed.

Pasta that you cook at the beginning of the week or on Sunday can be cooled quickly and then oiled and put into a great container and then used when needed. Pasta salads are a great way to make use of most pastas and since they are cold dishes you don’t have to worry about reheating the premade pasta since it is needed to be cold for the pasta salad recipe you have in mind. You can make your own style or follow a recipe. You can make an Italian inspired pasta salad recipe, an Asian one or depending on the ingredients you use you can make one from anywhere in the world. Just take ingredients from each country or culture and include them in the salad and voila you have an exquisite pasta from the region you decided to emulate. Most salads are always made with a sauce and spices and leafy greens or veggies.

This one form Kristy uses a pesto sauce as the base and peppers with arugula salad as the leafy green. She has used whole-wheat pasta that is much better for you than the regular one and if you are looking for a gluten free choice most markets have many different varieties of pasta that fit the bill. The recipe should inspire you to follow it with some substitutions or go completely rogue and use it for a guideline to include the ingredients you and your diners love.Thanks to Ali of Gimme Some Oven Blog for this yummy and tasty 5 Ingredients Pasta Salad Recipe and bon apetit.

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