5 Minute Blender Avocado Ranch Dressing

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When I decided to become a gardener, I really knew nothing about what to plant or why to plant it so I filled one whole side of my garden with tomatillo plants. They are a fantastic plant where the fruit grows inside a paper-like husk rather like how corn grows. When the fruit is ready to be picked the husk dries and peels back like a banana skin. The fruit is relatively small, about the size of a plum and bright green in color. The fruit can be used in many ways including this 5 minute blender tomatillo avocado ranch dressing.

Tomatillos are often mistakenly compared to tomatoes, but their flavor is really quite different. They have a closer resemblance to a plum in both texture and flavor combined with a rather tart, citrusy taste. As a result, they complement hot and spicy foods really well. In fact, the tomatillo is native to Mexico.

You can eat tomatillos fresh from the plant or chop them in to salads, blanch them and blend them in to salsas or, as in this recipe, use them in a dressing. Tomatillos are loaded with vitamin C and fiber. Like most fruits and vegetables they are also low in sodium and fats.

Avocadoes are just as delicious as tomatillos although Ive never grown them from seeds or plants since I dont live in an area warm enough to grow them. I limit my choice just to eating them every week. Avocadoes actually grow on trees and technically are a fruit. Because of its rough skin it is sometimes known as an alligator pear. Avocadoes can be peeled back to reveal their pulp rather like the skin of an orange. Inside the flesh is smooth and creamy and tastes very rich, fresh and green. Avocadoes offer all kinds of health benefits. So this recipe combines a tart fresh fruit and a creamy rich one for a scrumptious dressing. It also blends a broad range of spices that will tingle your taste buds.

This recipe contains a potpourri of ingredients so be sure to carefully read through the list and check that you have everything you need. Although there are a lot of different spices and components that make up this dressing it is worth the effort for its smoky, tart, creamy flavor blend.

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