5 Minute Creamy Peach Pie

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Whenever I see quick desserts I cringe inside knowing that I will be sorely tempted to try them and eat them. Still, here is a 5 Minute Creamy Peach Pie that will have you up and pulling out the ingredients to put this quick and easy summer dessert together. This is a great treat for the kids and when play date is at your house. This dessert uses peach yogurt, ready made whipped cream and a few other ingredients to make the filling. It is spread over a graham cracker crumb crust and refrigerated for several hours. The longer you leave it, the better the flavor will be, so try and leave it at least four hours. Overnight will be even better, but clamoring kids may demand otherwise.

This is a pretty dish that has a soft white filling dotted with pretty peaches from the yogurt and a light golden graham crust. It will please everyone, including you, because it can be made using all light ingredients, if you wish, and so drop the fat and calorie count, if that is important to you. The jello is also sugar free, so that reduces the sugar in the recipe, too.

It is a recipe that is easy enough for the youngest baker to try, so let him or her in to the kitchen for this one. Tiny hands might be able to crush graham wafers, or eat them, depending on how little they might be. Either way works. Just be sure to buy plenty to go around (and save some for yourself later, with tea). This is an easy summer time recipe that you might enjoy for how quick and easily it comes together. Try this recipe out soon and enjoy it often.

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