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Next time you have an unstoppable craving for a Snickers chocolate bar, make this 5-minute snickers recipe instead, which has everything you desire from crunchy nuts to an oozing filling and chocolate coating. Bianca, the author of the Whole Food Simply recipe blog, came up with this simple confection recipe which requires just seven ingredients and five minutes of your time to assemble. This dessert also relies on natural ingredients rather than involving the preservatives that store-bought products tend to have. If you are looking for a candy bar replacement for around the Halloween season, this chocolate bar recipe will be a perfect choice and will still make you feel that you are indulging due to the addition of dark chocolate and creamy peanut butter. Once you make this take on Snickers, you will want to turn all of your favourite chocolate bars into homemade versions.

The filling for these fun desserts consists of the crunch, syrupiness and sweetness that you would expect in a Snickers chocolate bar. The crushed peanuts give this chocolate recipe the Snickers signature texture. If you love a hint of salt to your desserts, consider adding salted peanuts to the mixture instead. While peanuts are an important component to the Snickers chocolate bar, and figures into this bar recipe in their whole form and as butter, you can still make these easy desserts if you have a peanut allergy. In this case, rather than using peanuts and peanut butter, substitute with another variety of nuts, such as almonds and almond butter, or cashews and cashew butter. Even sunflower seeds or seed butter would work well in this dessert recipe if you prefer not to eat nuts at all. Ultimately the flavour won’t be quite the same, but it should work out to a tasty dessert regardless of the type of nut or butter used.

Although you may be tempted to use milk chocolate to coat these bars, Bianca relies on healthy dark chocolate instead. In the case of healthy eating, dark chocolate is the best chocolate to use in desserts, because it tends to be low sugar and therefore fewer carbs than other sweetened chocolate varieties. Dark chocolate also contains the most flavonoids of any other kind of chocolate, which are an effective antioxidant, and may also help support the cardiovascular and nervous systems. In the case of this chocolate recipe, the dark chocolate provides these snickers cups with excellent snap and shine and looks particularly attractive against the nut coloured filling too. Bianca does offer some guidance on preparing a homemade chocolate, though, rather than using dark chocolate. Instead of dark chocolate, you can mix cocoa powder with coconut oil to create something of a similar consistency. The freezer will help the chocolate set in a similar way to dark chocolate.

To assemble this snicker recipe into bite-sized portions, Bianca instructs to use mini muffin cups. She recommends silicone muffin cups because the chocolates will pop out of them easily and they won’t require any greasing. If you don’t have silicone mini muffin cups, you can use a regular mini muffin tin instead and simply line each cup with mini paper liners for easy removal. You may also be able to spread the Snickers mixture into a small 8 x 8-inch baking pan and slice into individual bars. Either way, you will have a quick chocolate bar recipe to enjoy anytime the sweet cravings hit, as well as a healthy take on the classic candy bar for the kids to enjoy. Thank you to Bianca, the author of the Whole Food Simply recipe blog, for sharing her 5-minute snickers bar recipe with us.

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