5 Natural Ways To Promote Long And Healthy Eyelashes

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Have you ever wished you had fuller, longer lashes? Many people do, which is why the eyelash extension industry has really taken off in the past several years. There are also mascaras and adhesive eyelashes that you can get to make your eyelashes longer and fuller, but this is only temporary. These products can also be tough to remove sometimes and can cause irritation to sensitive eyes. It just so happens that there are some natural home remedies you can try to make your lashes healthier and longer over time. There are some really simple life hacks and changes you can make to start growing healthier lashes. Jillee from One Good Thing By Jillee writes about her experiences with different lash lengthening protocols including lash extensions and even a serum that she was supposed to put on each night before bed that would help promote healthy lashes. She didn't have the best experience with either, so she decided to take matters into her own hands and see what she could do to grow her lashes longer. She includes a list of 5 natural remedies for growing long and healthy eyelashes. If you want to grow healthy eyelashes is to be gentle with your eyes and the lashes. So don't use any harsh products on your eyes to remove your makeup. Only use gentle products like coconut oil and micellar water or eye makeup removers for sensitive eyes.

One of Jillee's tips is to use green tea on your eyelashes. While drinking green tea will stimulate hair growth and good health in general, you can also use it right on your lashes. Just brew some organic green tea and allow it to cool completely. You could even store it in the fridge which would be a nice, cooling treatment for your eyes if they are puffy or swollen. All you have to do is take a cotton ball or a cotton pad and dip it into some green tea and gently swipe it over your eye. It will clean out your hair follicles, and it will stimulate the root of the hair to grow even more. Even though there are serums on the market, some of them can be quite expensive, so instead of using the expensive ones, just use something you already have at home. Olive oil isn't just great for putting on salads and other recipes; you can use it for so many natural home remedies like getting healthier eyelashes. Just put a small amount of olive oil to your lashes every night before bed and wash it off in the morning. This will condition and protect your lashes and will help them stay strong, so they don't break off.

Coconut oil is also amazing for our lashes and our skin, so using it as a moisturizer for your eyes and eyelashes would be great. Jillee also suggests adding essential oils to the coconut oil and olive oil to enhance the healing and strengthening properties. Essential oils are great natural remedies for many things and lash growth is one of them. Just be sure to dilute them really well since some people can be very sensitive to them, especially on their eyes. Use coconut oil to remove mascara and eye makeup too. It takes it off like a charm, and it will condition and protect your eyelashes really well. One of the simple life hacks you hear with any type of natural home remedy is to maintain a healthy diet. Making sure you're eating a well-balanced diet of fresh vegetables and fruit with healthy fats and proteins is essential for the health of our entire body. As well as managing stress and taking time for self-care. Check out all 5 of the great natural remedies over at Jillee's website.***

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