5 Reasons I Love The Reverse Sear Method

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So here you can find 5 reasons I love the reverse sear method. Of course, your first question might well be, “what the heck is the sear method, let alone the reverse sear method?” That is a fair question and a good place to begin.Searing is a cooking process that accompanies baking, broiling, and other forms of finishing your meat on the grill or in the oven. The main purpose of searing is to build flavor, not seal in juices, as you may have read. But it is a critical component of your cooking if you want meat, fish, chicken, or seafood to taste really great.

When meats, chicken or fish are seared, amino acids and sugars caramelize to create a beautiful brown crust on your seared food. Its flavor cannot be imitated and can only be had with searing. It is not burnt. That is carbon, and quite a different, and awful, result. There is also blackened cooking, famous with creole foods, which is yet another type of food preparation. Chef Paul Prudhomme may not have invented that blackened process, but if you ever go to Louisiana save some extra pennies for a meal at his restaurant in New Orleans. Try his blackened tuna, and you will become a slave to his process. But searing means to caramelize the surface elements of some meat or chicken and so on at a temperature that is quite hot, about 300F degrees. The temperature level is always debated, but the idea is hot, hot, hot!Normally that process is carried out before the food is put into the oven to finish cooking. This is a great way to prepare meat. Some pundits, though, argue that the process should be completed afterwards, rather than before, the meat is cooked. This is known as reverse searing.

One argument is the idea of control. As you become more aware of how just a few degrees in temperature or a few minutes on the grill can dramatically change the outcome of your meat, chicken, or fish, you may also want to better control the outcome of your foods, too. Reverse sear pundits argue that this method allows you that perfect control of the cooking process in ways that the regular searing method does not. Whether you ever sear meat or not, this blog is a great one to read about new and unique ways to prepare your food. Why not take a moment to read more?

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