5 Tips to Make The Perfect Fudge Recipe

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The irony is the name of this site where the fudge recipe can be found is called, Eating on a Dime; however, if that is your situation, 5 tips to make the perfect fudge recipe are probably not on your list of money saving ventures! Regardless, fudge can be tricky to make, and if you are interested in learning some of the how-to’s, they apply not only to this fudge recipe, but also to any item that you might be considering making. Baking and cooking are not the same experience or exercise. To make top quality baked goods requires that you keep a few things in mind, and some of these practices truly do separate an ordinary baked item from an extraordinary baked good. So think about some of these things as you bake, and as you get to be a better baker, more of them will come more easily until all your baked delights are just that, delights. And then delight them with this perfect fudge recipe tonight, made with some of the 5 tips to make the perfect fudge recipe.

To be a good baker requires that you pay attention to the details and do every step with precision. Although you might not weigh your ingredients (yet; with time, you may move to this method), some of them should be measured with great care. Flour and sugar are two ingredients to pay attention to measuring. Flour should be measured out only in one cup amounts, even when you might be making an item that calls for a lot of flour, such as bread. This practice is a good one when you do not weigh because the more flour you measure out in one container, the more the flour compresses and the more you get with the same measure. That means a lack of precision and uneven and inconsistent results. So weigh in small quantities. Once you weigh, use a knife or some other flat implement and sweep across the top of the measure. That will give you the best results you could hope for, short of actually weighing out some of these ingredients.

Another tip could be to put all the ingredients that you need in any one recipe out in a line, according to how you need them in the recipe you are preparing. This practice of setting out all the ingredients in order of their use in the recipe is called, from the French, mise en place. This practice is an excellent one that helps you to ensure that you do not forget any item in the recipe and that you actually have all the ingredients you will need for the particular recipe before you begin. Give this fudge recipe a try and pay attention to the helpful tips.

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