5 Ways to Start a Fire Using Water

Photo Credit: YouTube

If the title has you confused, than you should definitely read on further! You read the title right, here are 5 Ways to Start a Fire, Using Water! Bet you never thought you could start a fire with water hey? Well you totally can and it may not be how you think. These are some great tips on how to start a fire with water from YouTube, from the channel of Grant Thompson - "The King of Random" . He has tons of great life hack videos on how to do all of these amazing things with just house hold objects or things you can find in nature.

I was intrigued to hear how you could possibly start a fire with water. I had visions of trying to light water with a match or lighter. Knowing in my mind and common sense that that is totally impossible! So I just had to watch the video to see for myself how it's actually done. There are lots of awesome ways to start a fire even if you don't have matches or a lighter. Using the method of rubbing sticks together to create friction works, you have to also have some patience though!

Knowing how to start a fire is an essential skill to have if you're going to be backpacking, or camping. Or to have for general survival skills. If there is a disaster or an emergency, you will be able to start a fire in a pinch. If you never need to use your skills for survival, than its no loss that you have the skills, you will always be able to start fires when you are out camping, which is a great skill to have because not too many people know how to build a good fire.

Having a fire going if you are going to be sleeping outside or wanting to cook any food, is essential. You will be so happy to have a fire to keep you warm at night, and to have for cooking your food. In the early days when man found out how to make fire, many innovations were made from that, and we still continue to use them these days too. Back then, people focused on survival instincts only, they needed to cover their basic human needs and now that we have gotten further away from that, it's important to bring some of it back in to use! You have to see how this guy starts a fire 5 different ways with water! You will be amazed! Head over to 'YouTube' by clicking the link in the description below!

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