5 Ways to Travel Smart From a Guy Who Turned a Bus Into a Mobile Living Space

Photo Credit: Wander Lust

Many people are feeling the wanderlust vibe and following their dreams to go travel. Here are 5 Ways to Travel Smart From a Guy Who Turned a Bus Into a Mobile Living Space. Living on the road can be exciting and totally full of amazing adventure, but you still have to consider a few things that may help to make your journey run smoothly. There are so many things to think about when embarking on a journey like this on that Hank and his best friend Justin went on. Hank bought a bus and converted it into a mobile living space so that he and his friend could go on the adventure of a lifetime.

They drove the mobile bus home around from their home in Minneapolis to the west coast, and down through Kansas and back to home base again. They documented their journey through writing and photography, which you can see more of through this link. They had a plan, but they allowed for some flexibility too. They had the general idea of where they wanted to go, and chose the major cities, but also left room for spontaneity too, which makes a journey like this so awesome.

These tips that Hank outlines are simple, and practical things to follow if you are embarking on a journey like this. Things like, mix up the places you visit, visit cities, but also stay in nature too to enjoy the rich beauty of the Earth. And have some time to experience the unexpected. This is so important, and my boyfriend and I found this on our journey we took that was like this, allow for the spontaneous moments to occur. It's easy for most people to get too caught up in planning every detail, but when you allow for spontaneous moments, that's when magic happens! If you are thinking of embarking on a journey like this, check out 'Wanderlust' by following the link in the description below!

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