50+ Creative DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas and Tutorial

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If you love the holidays, you probably love to decorate your home to make it look more festive and to get into the Christmas spirit. When you love Christmas that much, you're probably also going to be more inclined to use a lot of diy ideas to make your own Christmas decorations. Putting your own flair and personal touches on your Christmas decorations is part of the fun of the holiday season, and many people get started on their fun diy projects right after Halloween is over. Creating handmade decorations is something that goes way back. In the past, people didn't have access to all of the mass-produced decorations we have now. So, naturally, like most things, they made their Christmas decorations themselves. They would usually take things from outside and bring them inside to decorate their homes like fallen tree branches or cedar bows. They would also make wreaths out of holly and hang real mistletoe in their homes and cut down small evergreen trees to have as Christmas trees. Any cute ornaments were usually handcrafted or sewn by the members of the family or given as gifts between friends and family. It was much simpler back then and even a bit more authentic and genuine.

Of course, these days, you see all of the sparkling Christmas ornaments come out before the Halloween decor even gets put away. There's so many different ornaments and lights and decorations to choose from; it can be pretty exciting but also very expensive and kind of overwhelming too. So if you would rather do things the traditional way and simplify things by making your own ornaments, Creativities has some excellent diy ideas for you to try out during the holiday season. They put together more than 50 fun diy projects from different websites online to make them easy to find and try out. This would be a great idea for things to make people for Christmas instead of buying presents. That way they would always have a handmade ornament from you to hang on their tree every year. You could also get your kids to choose one of the fun diy projects to make for your own tree, so you always have something they created when they were young. It also makes Christmas a bit more fun and interactive for kids when they are able to create something special to hang on the tree.

There are so many great ideas too. From cute penguin ornaments to reindeer and even cool Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles style ornaments. The penguin ornaments are made out of old recycled light bulbs which is such a great idea. All you do is paint the shape of a penguin on the bulb and then dress it up with a little hat and scarf then tie a piece of string to the top to hang it on the tree. You could also use the light bulb to create little snowmen or reindeer too. Along the lines of recycling old items, you can also use your old scratched CDs to make some pretty cool ornaments. Just break the CDs up into small pieces and then glue them to a round globe ornament to create a mosaic ornament. You can even create fun snowflake ornaments out of dried pasta noodles glued together. Some of the diy ideas involve using salt dough which can be used for so many different projects like handprint ornaments. The Christmas tree pinatas are pretty cute as well, but they might be a bit more work than some of the other diy ideas. Check out all 5 pages of the diys and see which ones you want to try out.***

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