50 Stunning Homes Built Into Nature

Photo Credit: Buzz Feed

Homes that are built to fit in to their natural environments are astonishing and beautiful creations. This website shows you 50 stunning homes built into nature that will both inspire and challenge you to think about your own environment and where and how you live.

Many of the photos of the homes you will see could be missed if you were driving by. They are often nearly seamlessly incorporated in to their surroundings. Those surroundings can be extremely varied, and may include grass roofs, rock formations, massive forests and trees or other natural formations. In every case, the creators of these dramatic living spaces thought about where they were going to construct their home, and how best that home could fit in to, rather than dominate, the environment surrounding it. Each home, whether you actually would want to live in them or not, is an expression of the artist who created it, and the landscape that inspired it.

Most of the homes use natural elements in their construction, or glassed areas to allow the natural environment to be seen, heard, and welcomed in. Some of the homes are built low to the ground whereas others soar up to the skyline. Some look like hobbit holes, others look like great anthills, still others look like mesh cages or bee combs and other unusual designs that will stop you in your tracks. All of them will cause you to reflect on your own environment and how you might design or plan things in order to see the beauty that surrounds you.

This is a wonderful listing of some truly gob smacking structures that will leave you reflecting on the use of space and the places where we live, work, and shop. They provide alternatives to the steel, cement and glass monoliths that mark our contemporary cities. There can be other ways to build and live and this website can treat you to some of them.

Find out more about these homes and many others at the website, Buzz Feed, by following the link below.

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