50+ Terrific Uses of Baking Soda

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Of all the natural house cleaners, natural baking soda has to be one of the best products to use for cleaning around the house. Joan Clark of Tips Bulletin shares 50 plus terrific uses for natural baking soda around the house, for health and beauty purposes. It's a staple in most kitchens and is usually used for baking, but this powerful powder can be used for so much more than just cupcakes and brownies. Baking soda is also known as sodium bicarbonate, and it's a salt composed of sodium ions and bicarbonate ions. Natural baking soda is nahcolite, and it's a compound of natron and is found in mineral springs. It was first produced by Nicolas Leblanc in 1791 as sodium carbonate, which is also known as soda ash. Then in 1846, John Dwight and Austin Church two New York bakers created the first factory in the United States to make baking soda from carbon dioxide and sodium carbonate. It was even documented as being used in the 1800s to preserve fresh fish. The nature of baking soda is very alkaline, and it can be used to create an alkaline state in the body by drinking it with water.

To use baking soda around the house, you can make a natural house cleaner using natural baking soda, salt and dish soap. You make a paste with the three natural ingredients and then spread it on tiles, a bathtub, sink, toilet, shower, kitchen sink or anywhere else that needs a good clean, and then let it soak for 20 minutes or so. Then scrub with a scrubbing pad and rinse it off. Baking soda works as a gentle yet powerful natural abrasive cleanser much like Comet or Ajax but without all of the chemicals. It also works wonders in the kitchen on tough to clean pots and pans. Baking soda cuts through the grease and the small grains help to get rid of any burned on food. It also helps to soak your dirty pans for at least 15 minutes with dish soap and baking soda too before washing them. If you've been using a dish sponge for a while, it can get pretty dirty, but natural baking soda can purify it for you. Just soak the sponge or cloth in some baking soda for 20 minutes or so, and it will freshen it up. One of the most popular uses for baking soda in the kitchen is in your oven. You just have to make a paste out of baking soda and water then spread it evenly all over the walls, of the oven and allow it to sit overnight. Then, spray some vinegar on it, let it sit for a bit longer and scrub with a scrubbing pad.

You can add some baking soda to a load of laundry to help clean your clothes, linens and towels better. It will boost your detergent, deodorize and brighten your clothes leaving them fresh and super clean. Did you know you can also use baking soda to clean your car? Natural baking soda will remove sap and tar from your car or truck without scratching the finish. It also works great to clean carpets in your car as well as the upholstery on the seats. You can also use it on indoor carpets too. It also works wonders as a beauty product. You can make your own deodorant using natural baking soda. Just use coconut oil, baking soda, and essential oils. It's also a great exfoliator too, just mix it with water to create a paste and rub it gently on your skin and rinse. It will leave your skin soft and smooth. Check out all 50 of the great ideas for using natural baking soda and try some of them out yourself.***

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