6 Easy Steps to Clean Your Fridge

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How to Clean the Refrigerator! There are lots of cleaning articles, and we all seem to love to click on them and read them to get perhaps inspired to go get the job done, or perhaps there is some little tip that will the cleaning easier.

The buzz is to use natural products for cleaning. They are better for the environment and better for you! You are the one handing these products and breathing them in. It is important to think about that as in the long run it could affect your health if you are using fancy products filled with toxins that promise you very little effort for great big cleaning success. The bottom line with cleaning is that no matter what you will have to use a little bit of elbow grease!

Dirty refrigerators are not a good thing as this is where you are storing the food that you are eating. There are some easy steps to cleaning.

You will want first to empty the refrigerator. Get it all out onto the countertops. You can check the dates on items as you do this. Throw out anything you have not used in a very long time. There is no point in something taking up space if it is old and you never cook with it.

Those bottom drawers that hold the fresh fruits and veggies, how do they look? If you have limp lettuce, moldy lemons and over-ripe avocados lurking in there, you are never going to eat them! Toss all the food that is no longer fresh and appealing.

Once you have it all empty, take stock of the counter tops. Is there a better way to organize what goes back in? Perhaps you can wash all the vegetables and put them into a crisper. If you have sunflower seeds in a broken bag, maybe put them into a ziploc or a glass jar. Think about making the food look appealing when you open the refrigerator door again.

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