6 No Stress Canning Tips

Photo Credit: The Prarie Homestead

Are you interested in learning some more homesteading skills? Here are 6 No Stress Canning Tips! Homesteading is not just a thing of the past, it is actually coming back in a big way, as more forward and environmentally friendly and a better way of life than the fast paced, consumerist lifestyle. It ends up being a healthier more mindful way of life that makes up think before we do things. People are so quick to throw things away, and not make use of the things we have, instead, we have become a disposable nation, throwing things out and just buying new all the time.

The homesteading way of life is a way to live life in a conscious way that will actually save you money too! There are so many great homesteading tips and tricks out there, and canning is definitely a great way to store the food that you have grown all summer, and have it for later. My grandmother always canned things, beets, jam, jelly, and other foods. My mom always has made jam and jelly too, which is always nice to have home made rather than store bought. One of my favourite canned things is pickles made from cucumbers from the garden! They are seriously so amazing!

Many people might be intimidated by the canning process, and think that it's too much work or too much hassle. But like anything, it just takes time and practice, and some patience, and you will be a pro. It is pretty simple, it just takes time, so its important to set aside some time to immerse yourself in it with nothing else to do that day, but be at home canning. The time is totally worth it once you see all of your cans lined up all pretty in a row, ready to give as gifts or store in your cold storage.

The other thing about canning and other homesteading ways, you will feel and be very self sufficient and know that you will be prepared for anything. They are all great skills to have, and you will never be sorry you learned how to do any of them. Are you interested in trying out canning? This list is a great place to start, so that you can get an idea of what the best way to go about it is. Before you know it, you will be a natural! Head over to the wonderful 'The Prarie Homestead' by following the link in the Read Me section below!

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