6 Smart Ways to Kill Fruit Flies

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There are all kinds of different bugs that can become a bother to us in our homes and lives, one of those bugs is the common fruit fly. Here are 6 Ways to Kill Fruit Flies, so that you don't have to worry about them getting into all of your food anymore! In the spring and summer time, as the weather gets warmer, we do tend to notice a higher amount of fruit flies, they get into everything you leave out, fruit, vegetables, and even house plants or flowers. They don't harm us per say, but they are annoying and it feels pretty icky to have them around, circling your food that you want to enjoy.

So this is a great list of 6 different methods of getting rid of those little critters! Some of them you have maybe tried and gotten to work successfully, I know I have tried a couple that worked really well. I actually did a combination of 2 of the 6 methods to kill fruit flies, I combined apple cider vinegar, the unfiltered kind, and some dish soap, and put it in a jar, and the little critters just flew in and once they were in they got trapped in the dish soap never to fly out again.

It does sound kind of cruel in a way, but we want our food to still be good for us to eat, right? There is actually one product you can buy, that you don't have to make, that looks quite interesting. All you have to do is open the bag and it catches them all! It is also all natural non toxic ingredients for humans and pets, which is nice. The other solution I found was either keeping fruit in the fridge or in a bag and keeping garbage and compost outside. Head over to 'Good House Keeping' to try out these 6 smart tips, just follow the link in the section below!

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