6 Surprising Mayonnaise Tips

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Mayonnaise is one of those condiments most people can't do without. Here are 6 Suprising Mayonnaise Tips from Mario Batali a chef on The Chew, at Hellman's 100th anniversary. Ali Rosen from Potluck Video, does this quick interview and asked Mario Batali, what he uses mayonnaise for, so that some of his great tips can be shared with us! He gives her 6 different tips, some you may have heard before, and others may come as a surprise to you, as they did to me! This video has so much info in it, so make sure you have a pen and a piece of paper ready to jot down any notes for some of the tips that he gives.

Mario says that he loves to use mayonnaise as a replacement usually for the fat or oil in any recipe. This is what was done in the Great Depression actually, during World War II, when things like eggs and oil were really expensive and hard to get your hands on. So people would use mayonnaise as a substitute for the fats in cakes usually, and you have probably heard about or even tried a mayonnaise chocolate cake before!

Mario also uses mayo in his burgers and sausages, and tells us that for every pound of meat, he uses 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise to make things really moist and juicy. He also shares his shockingly strange favourite sandwich, which to me sounds really gross, but I would try a bite just to see for myself. He loves a banana, sriracha, and mayonnaise sandwich...! Sounds really disgusting, but he swears it is the most epic sandwich ever! Most people will probably just have to take his word for it. These are all awesome tips and you should totally bookmark or favourite this video on You Tube! Head over to 'You Tube' for more by following the link in the section below!

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