6 VERY Worthwhile investments for an Off-Grid lifestyle

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Chances are, if you're thinking about making the transition to off grid life, you want to know what you need to get you started. Here are 6 very worthwhile investments for an off grid life. Having a house off the grid is a dream come true for many. Escaping the noise and hustle of city life to embrace a simpler way of life. Thinking of how our ancestors lived, everything was off grid and they did just fine, sure there weren't the modern day conveniences we have now, but there was definitely more of a sense of connectedness with the self and the environment. People who want to live off grid these days mainly do it because they want to be self sustainable and self reliant, not having to rely on the government for their well being. There's something so empowering about choosing this lifestyle, and even though it takes some getting used to, it's well worth all of the work. Getting a house off the grid requires a lot of planning and research. You want to make sure you have everything you need once you go off grid and these things will prove to be very valuable to you and your off grid life.

1. The first thing you need to consider is how you'll cook your food. Some off grid folks will use a wood burning fire to cook, or a propane stove, but why not use the renewable energy of the sun and invest in a solar dehydrator? In the dehydrator, you can dehydrate all sorts of fruit and vegetables, it's a great way to preserve food for the winter time from the summer and fall harvests.

2. A grain mill is another thing you'll want to invest in for your off grid homestead. You can crush up any grains as well as nuts to make your own nut butter that serves as a healthy and delicious food for the whole family.

3. Since conserving energy is a must for a house off the grid, a hand washing system is better than the modern conventional clothing washers. An Amish clothes washer is a worthy investment for this purpose. You will have to work harder to wash your clothes, but you'll be saving a ton of energy in the process.

4. It's really hard to live without a refrigerator, so instead of getting an electric one, you can invest in a propane fridge. Even though they can be expensive, this is totally worth the money invested. You can get mini or medium sized propane fridges to suit your needs and fit into your space.

5. A water filter is also a must have for any off grid home. Instead of having to haul clean, fresh drinking water into your home, you can have it come right out of your tap. These systems are even wonderful to install even if you don't live off the grid.

6. Last but certainly not least, what would an off grid home be without some solar panels? Solar panels and other renewable energy sources are the perfect thing to install for an off grid living situation. The sun's rays provide us with so much clean energy that can be stored in batteries and used continuously. There are some great options available through a company called Green Garden Chicken, like this Homestead Off Grid Solar Kit With 12, 000 Watt Power Inverter and 540 KWH Monthly Output. The kit comes with everything that's needed to set up the whole set and only costs around $11,000 US. You can also order smaller options and build your way up to a larger solar panel system. Check out all of the great packages from Green Garden Chicken at the link below or at this link to their Solar Panel Kit .***

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