7 Great Way to Clean Jewelry at Home

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There is so much pretty jewelry that we can purchase now, but sometimes its hard to know how to clean it. This article shares 7 great way to clean jewelry at home so you can keep your jewelry shiny and bright.

Perhaps the first step with any jewelry is to know what kind of material it is made from. Gold and silver are handled differently than some other contemporary metals. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell them apart because todays alternate metals are so well designed. The same can be true for the gemstones you may have in your rings, earrings or necklaces. Be sure you know what it is you are working with so you know which cleaning solution is best for your jewelry.

A first step that is safe for any jewelry is to simply keep a soft cloth to gently wipe your jewelry both before and after you wear it. This helps just to remove the daily dirt that can get on things as you go about your daily routine. For instance, how many times have you applied hair spray while wearing your favorite earrings or necklace? Or how often do you prepare meals while still wearing your best rings? Even though we try to be careful, as we go about our day we can splash or spill or spray material on our jewelry. So when you take it off at night, be sure to wipe the surface.

Removing jewelry at night is always a good idea. We can sometimes hate to take off our wedding rings, anniversary diamonds, or other jewelry that is just part of who we are, but it is always a good idea to do so. It gives you an opportunity to do a light daily clean. Think of this step as part of your nightly routine of brushing hair and teeth and putting on your favorite night cream before you go to bed.

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