7 Old Wives Tales about Cooking Steak

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If you eat meat, you have probably heard certain things about the ways in which to cook it, and some of them work and others are just plain old wives tales. Here are 7 Old Wives Tales about Cooking Steak. It happens every year when you are making steaks, especially when you have a group of people making them for dinner. All of those old tips and tricks to cooking the perfect steak... it can get pretty old pretty fast, and down right irritating. Sometimes people think they have the answers for everything, and think they have cooking down to a perfect science. But sometimes its just plain rude to tell someone how to grill on their own grill isn't it?

These are the biggest myths that have been collected around the internet, that have been proven to not matter one bit, except for by opinion and personal preference. Things like, steak with the bone in is juicier than with out the bone in. There are some benefits to having your meat with the bone in, but they do not make your steak juicier as a direct result. People have tested it, and there is really no proof that leaving the bone in directly makes a steak juicier.

Also, people who say only to flip the steak once, it actually doesn't really matter. Flipping it more often helps it to cook faster and more thoroughly too, so as you can see, there is nothing that flipping your steak a little more will hurt. Then people say not to cut it open to look and see if it is done because you will lose all of the juices, this is also just not true either and they explain it more in the article. These are awesome myth busters for these silly made up facts. Head over to 'Serious Eats' by following the link in the section below for more!

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