7 Reasons to Grow Succulents in the Drought

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Succulents are so amazing, and they seem to be very popular these days too! Here are 7 Reasons to Grow Succulents in the Drought. Succulents have always been around, but as more and more people are getting back into gardening, they are becoming more popular than ever! The great thing about them is they are basically self sufficient, and take care of themselves, they spread like magic so they are great for landscaping and covering large plots of land, and they are so easy to maintain because they don't need pruning, or much water at all. They are so great at just using what they are given and they thrive in the hot sun so they are perfect for hot places and if there is a drought, you will still have plants to enjoy!

Succulents are not only amazingly easy to keep care of, they are absolutely beautiful too! With numerous types and species, there are hundreds of plants to choose from to create a gorgeous succulent garden. You can create beautiful landscapes out of any succulents, they all get along well, and you don't need a huge plant to get it going. You only need a little clipping of each kind you want in your garden and they will spread out over time. It seriously is like magic, nature is magic! They would maybe take a year or two, depending on where you live, to really spread out and thrive in your garden. They mix well with other plants as well, so you don't have to worry about that either.

I personally love succulents, and my partner has an amazing succulent garden he planted a year ago and it looks so beautiful all the time. He moves things around a little bit when he has to make room for new plants, and he barely has to water it. The succulents he has planted, he has basically just taken clippings from here and there, and some friends bring by succulents from hikes that he can plant in his garden. It looks really amazing, like a little zen garden in his little spot. Everyone loves to look at it and talk about al the different kinds and how different it looks each time they see it, because the plants spread out so quickly.

If you are thinking about starting a new garden and want a simple, no fuss plant to put in it, give succulents a try! This article has great information about them, to read, just follow the link in the description below to get to the 'Sunset' website! Happy planting!

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