7 Things Youre Cleaning Too Much

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Did you know that it's actually possible to clean certain things too much? If you don't like cleaning already, then this may be of interest to you. Even if you don't mind cleaning, knowing these cleaning tips might be good information to have. You might be cleaning certain items in your home too often which can be a waste of time and energy, plus it could wear certain things out faster. So if you want to keep the items in your home looking as good as new, there are some things you could hold off on cleaning. The same goes for your body, there are certain things you don't have to wash nearly as much as you thought you might like your hair and according to Apartment Therapy even your hands. So as the saying goes sometimes dirt doesn't hurt. Apartment Therapy rounded up 7 of the things you might be cleaning too much, and they are well worth knowing about.

1. The first thing you might be cleaning too often is your wood furniture. Sometimes the cleaners you use on wood can actually build up on the surface of the wood creating a nasty build-up. Especially waxes and wax sprays can attract dust and dirt to the furniture. The best bet is to use a dry clean cloth to wipe off the dust from your wood furniture and only use the sprays once a month or at the very most twice per month if need be.

2. Another way that you're wasting your time and that you could also be making your dishwasher work harder than it needs to is by pre-rinsing or pre-soaking your dishes. It might seem like rinsing your dishes is helping your dishwasher do its job, but it's actually hindering it. There are special enzymes in dishwashing soaps that attach to the stuck on food making it easier for the spraying water to clean the dishes evenly. If the food isn't there the soap has nothing to grab onto which makes the water from the machine have to work harder.

3. Other than home items, your personal items are not in need of constant cleaning either, while some of them at least including your jeans. Jeans are designed to go a while without being washed, and when they are washed too much, they can lose their shape. So skip the weekly wash and only wash your denim when it's needed. There are even cleaning tips that say to put your jeans in the freezer to kill any bacteria on them so you could try that out if you wanted to.

4. Your carpets don't need to be washed with as much cleaning solution and water as you'd think. Using too much cleaner on your carpets can wear down the fibres in your carpet also. Just use natural cleaners to wash stains out of your carpets. Natural cleaners like vinegar or apple cider vinegar work on removing stains without over cleaning the carpet.

5. This also extends to personal hygiene too, and even though it's kind of controversial washing your hands too much might not be good for your health. Of course, you should always wash your hands after using the bathroom or before you make food. But washing your hands too much can get rid of healthy bacteria that build your immune system so only wash them when necessary. It's the same with antibacterial hand sanitizer, don't use that too much because it also gets rid of the good bacteria.

Check out all 7 of the cleaning tips and things that you don't have to clean as much as you thought you did.***

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