7 Totally Doable DIY Tiny House Kits

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These days everywhere you look, you see tiny house designs and unique small house plans popping up. And with all this talk about tiny house designs, it's easy to start daydreaming how you'd like to have a unique small house plan to suit your needs. Whether you need a tiny house design for use as a vacation home, a guest house, an artist studio or home office, there is something available for you. The good news is that there are plenty of tiny house options to suit most any budget. You'll want to take a look at the Spruce site for the different tiny house kits that will get you into a tiny house design of your own. These tiny house kits are better, faster and more affordable ways to build a tiny house design. And building a tiny house design yourself will leave you filled with pride and joy at your accomplishment. You can choose to build a tiny house design from scratch, but that might be a bit much for some people with little to no experience in building. The following are just a couple of the tiny house kits you'll find on the site, great for first-time builders. Each kit is designed to empower do-it-yourselfers with little to no construction experience to build their tiny house designs.

If you live near 84 Lumber, you will find a line of tiny houses on wheels that you can either build yourself or buy move-in ready. Currently, there are four models available to include the Roving. The Roving is a rustically inspired dwelling with 154 square feet of living space. The Shonsie is a modern small cottage home with 160 square feet of interior space and a nice front porch. The Degsy is a single-level unique small house plan with less than 200 square feet of livable space. The Countryside is a tiny house design with 203 square feet covered with reclaimed wood. The price for a move-in ready dwelling from 84 Lumber starts at around $50,000. And for the budget minded, 84 Lumber offers two different do it yourself options.

Shelter in a Day is another of the unique small house plans in a 144 square foot unique small house plan that you can build in a day. The tiny house kit costs $4,999. Each tiny house kit comes with precision cut building materials that are crafted from durable MDF that's not only waterproof but is also rust and termite resistant. All of the pieces in the tiny house kit snap together using a patented tool free interlocking system. Shelter In a Day can be enlarged using an extension kit sold in 4-foot increments for $950.

Arched Cabins. Professionally built tiny house design can cost about $85,000. And many of these tiny house designs are worth that with all the great features, many people can't afford them. That’s what makes building a tiny house designs yourself so appealing. If you have expert construction skills, you can create a livable unique small house plan for a fraction of the cost. But if you are a semiskilled builder, you'll want to consider the Arched Cabins. They manufacture affordable tiny house kits that you and a friend can assemble in just a weekend. Arched cabin packages are available in a wide range of sizes. A basic arched cabin package for a 12-ft-by-32-foot structure and provides 384 square feet of living space costs less than $6,000. You will find these unique small house plans on The Spruce site. On the site, you will find tiny house designs, unique small house plans, small house living, recipes, decor, home repair, crafts and more. **

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