7 Unsuspected Uses For Salt That You Should Know

Photo Credit: House Hold Hacker

Salt is an essential mineral of life. It is also an incredible house hold cleaner and useful items for all sorts of random things that can happen in your household. If you have ever had any of the following things happen to you, then you will want to spend the 2 minutes it takes to check out this video from the House Hold Hacker youtube channel below.

We all love 'hacks', which are just basically your old 'wives tales' style of tips to make life simpler and to get you out of a pinch when it happens.

For instance, have you ever used a brand new sponge to wash a burned and dirty pan and then wished you hadn't because now that sponge was so nasty that it felt unusable? Well, think again with these awesome salt tips.

What you will learn:

1. Stick or nasty melt on your iron?

2. Need help cleaning up a wet egg dropped on the floor?

3. Oh no! A grease fire!

4. Did you burn something and now the grease is caked onto the pan?

5. Now - when you cleaned with the sponge, did it get all gross too?

6. Need to clean a grimy and stained bathtub?...another great solution!

7. Ewww..the gross hair clumb in your bathtub?! Salt can help by creating a natural drain un-clogger.

For the full directions for all of these frustrating and sometimes nasty jobs, check out the You Tube channel to House Hold Hacker below. The videos are awesome and so super helpful. I wish I knew half of this stuff years ago.

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