7 Up Pound Cake

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A good homemade pound cake should have both taste and texture. Try this delicious 7 Up Pound Cake recipe, and you'll instantly know why this will become the mother of all pound cakes. With a delicious subliminal taste of 7 Up and a dense, moist texture like that of a traditional pound cake, this cake will become your new favorite recipe for dessert. You can serve it with a scoop of ice cream, whipped cream or just plain fruit fillings or even eat it just plain. So why use 7 Up drink in a cake recipe you might ask? Well, firstly this drink adds that lovely touch of soda flavor to any cake recipe and secondly, the carbonation in drinks like 7 Up and sprite add tenderness to baked goods and make the cakes rise beautifully fluffy. So don't be fooled by this fizzy drink into thinking that it's just for drinking or nothing. A fizzy drink like 7 Up is a great baking hack for those who like serving wonderfully textured cakes.

Best cake recipes like this delicious homemade pound cake are not only perfect for parties or birthdays but also great when served as a side with coffee or tea. This beautiful Pound Cake recipe is a fun cake to make for kids’ birthdays or just about any occasion. You can be creative and use this recipe for baking into tiny bite-sized cupcakes as well. You can add frosting or a glaze of your choice if you wish to make it into a birthday cake. Cream cheese frosting goes well with this pound cake recipe. You can also smear chocolate ganache or pour chocolate sauce on top as well. Add chocolate chips lightly or simply sprinkle chocolate shavings on top of this cake for an edgy look. You can also give this recipe a coconut twist by adding coconut milk and coconut flakes to the batter. Toasted pecans or almonds also taste incredibly decadent in this cake.

Back in those days, Pound cakes traditionally called for a pound of butter, sugar and flour each and that's why it is called as 'Poundcake.' Today, however, pound cakes have many variations and proportions to the recipe. Pound cake recipes over the years have changed so much, and there is no right or wrong recipe for making a pound cake. The key to making good pound cakes is to follow some important yet simple steps when prepping for the recipe. Always separate the eggs and only beat the yolks first. After the batter is combined with the rest of the ingredients, beat the egg whites till foamy and carefully fold into the batter right before you transfer it into the oven. This will produce a light cake with a quintessential crumbly texture a typical pound cake should have. Pound cakes also yield a wonderful flavor when you add a good quality organic vanilla extract. Vanilla, just like salt acts as a taste enhancer. Nielsen-Massey is a top organic vanilla extract with no corn syrup or additives.

This is by far one of the best cake recipes ever when it comes to making yummy homemade pound cakes because it is made from simple ingredients that yield a dangerously delicious pound cake. Thank you to Aimee at the Shrugary Sweets recipe blog for sharing this irresistible 7 Up Pound Cake recipe with us. Do visit Aimee's blog for the best cake recipes for all occasions. This Pound Cake recipe is wonderfully tempting and a flavorsome cake recipe if you love pound cakes the traditional way. Make this recipe today for friends and family!

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