7 Winterizing Tips That Can Save You Big Problems Later

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Winterizing your vacation cabin can seem like a lot of work, but here are 7 Winterizing Tips That Can Save You Big Problems Later. It is important to do all of these things as they apply to wherever you have your cabin, or you could do serious damage to your home. And that means even bigger problems. So do it right the first time.

First things first: pick up and pack up every thing around the cabin. So if yours is a relatively settled place with lawn furniture (and a lawn, which means a lawn mower, too, possibly), pick up and put all that stuff away. Step back from your home and see if it looks some what barren. That probably means you put everything away. Check for things that hang (flags, bird feeders, bells and chimes) as well as things that sit on the ground (chairs and lawn mowers or whirligigs). Then think about what is in your home that operates in any way. That will include any thing that involves electricity or water. So pipes have to be shut down and emptied out. Electricity might also have to be shut off, although in some places you may keep it on. For water pipes, having a bit of heat throughout the winter can be important to keeping pipes from freezing, a huge problem with water pipes. So if you can, keep the electricity on, and your home set to a few degrees about freezing (say about 55F or about 8C). If you have other types of fuel (did you put your BBQ away? And take off the propane tank, too?) that go in to your home, be sure these are properly shut down. In the house, for example, if your fridge and stove run on propane or some other fuel that involves a pilot light, give a double check that it is blown out (after you turn the fuel off!). And when you turn off that fridge, remember to clean it out, too. That goes for the cupboards. Do not think for a minute that squirrels, mice and other friendly critters might not get in; they are incredibly resourceful.

Be sure to follow these and other steps to protect your summer cottage when you close it down for the winter. That way, when you return next year, all things will be as they should.

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