75 Cookie Recipes We Love for Christmas

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What we are sharing here is 75 Cookie Recipes We Love for Christmas! You can go through them and pick and choose your favorites and wouldn't it be fun to form a group of family and friends that could get together and do a cookie bake. Then you could all exchange with each other, and get a fabulous assortment of delicious cookies that will take you and your family through Christmas and even beyond. So try out these recipes and see how you enjoy them. A cookie bake party could also involve the kids and become a great family project. Many of the cookies involve decorating things on top of the cookies, and that is something that even the littlest of hands could help with doing. So get the kids involved on this project, and get ready to heat up your kitchen with a ton of cookies.

The kids can even take the results and put all of them in to home made present bags (they can make these too) that you distribute to friends or neighbors, or they could give these out when friends and family come to visit over the holidays as a way of saying thank you for being our friend. There are so many fun things that you can do with these cookies. And to keep them fresh, you can either freeze the dough or just make up the cookies as you need them (then they will be super fresh) or you could freeze the cookies after you bake them. This method also keeps the cookies very fresh, especially if you wrap them really well. Nothing says friendship better than a few homemade cookies in a cellophane wrapper that you give out over the holidays. Cookies are often the least expensive things you can make, and yet are still delicious and well appreciate by all who receive them. So this project can also teach your kids a lot about the spirit of giving and thanks and friendship over the holidays.

Decide what recipe(s) you want to make and even though the recipes are pretty simple, they still take time to make, and it is worth spending a bit more time on each recipe rather than trying to rush through too many and possibly spoiling some results, so only take on what you can comfortably bake in a session. Let the kids go through all the different kinds of cookies that could be made and try to put together themes or nice contrasts in the cookies of flavor, texture and color. Then the results will be truly special. For this holiday season, enjoy projects like this one with the kids. That is what the holidays are really for, to allow children some time to have the most fun possible and for us to get to enjoy them as much as we can. Happy holidays.

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