7-Minute Frosting

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This 7-minute frosting recipe is a fluffy, gooey, marshmallow type of frosting. You can use this frosting recipe for everything from family birthdays to holiday cake recipe ideas and so much more. For this seven-minute frosting recipe, you will need sugar, corn syrup, egg whites, water, and vanilla extract. For the full step by step instructions for this seven-minute frosting recipe, you will want to take a look at the One Good Thing site.

When it comes to using vanilla in your dessert recipes, you will have a few choices. Vanilla comes in vanilla paste, pure vanilla extract, and vanilla beans. You will also find vanilla available as vanilla sugar and infused vanilla syrups. Most people rely on vanilla extract for most of their baking needs; this is because vanilla extract is so readily available and quite affordable. Vanilla extract is a recipe that is made by macerating the vanilla beans in a mixture of alcohol and water. When purchasing vanilla extract for your dessert recipes, you want to try and avoid imitation varieties as they will have a weaker and sometimes tinny aftertaste. It always pays to spend a bit more on good quality vanilla extract as you will taste the difference. Vanilla beans, are an option that is more expensive but offer the ultimate in vanilla flavoring and scenting your baked goods and dessert recipes. Vanilla beans are an almost waxy dark brown pod that is filled with thousands of tiny brown flavorful specks. When purchasing vanilla beans for your dessert recipes, you want to make sure the vanilla beans are plump and smooth, and never dry. Vanilla beans should also smell highly fragrant and have a slight shine to them. The advantage to using vanilla beans this way is in the way the thousands of little black dots fleck throughout your recipe giving a lovely look to all of your dessert recipes. For lighter, more fluffy dessert recipes such as white cake recipes, cupcake recipes and muffins using a vanilla bean offers the best in flavor as it is so intense and it is also nice to see the little black specks in the finished recipe making it well worth it. Vanilla paste is a product that comes in a small jar and contains the scraped-out vanilla pod, so you also get that sweet, super fragrant, speckled product in a more convenient option.

This frosting recipe recommends using a candy thermometer which will help to ensure that when you are cooking the ingredients over medium heat while stirring frequently, you can stir until the mixture reaches 160 degrees. This will ensure that you remove the bowl from the stove at the right time to then put into your stand mixer. It is up to your whether or not you use a candy thermometer, but it will help to ensure that your frosting recipe is done just right. This seven-minute frosting recipe is sure to be a favorite, and you will love the marshmallowy flavor and consistency. As is done in the photos, colored sprinkles were the perfect accompaniment to this frosting recipe and cake recipe idea. You might use it for birthday parties, bake sales, holiday parties and so much more. You'll want to pair this seven-minute frosting recipe with your favorite cake recipe for a dessert the whole family is sure to love.

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