8 Ingenious Homesteading Uses for Five Gallon Buckets

Photo Credit: The Homestead Guru

Homesteading seems like an old way of living to most people, but it is not and it is coming back in a big way! Here are 8 Ingenious Homesteading Uses for Five Gallon Buckets! More people are going back to basics, doing things the way our grandparents did, and tapping into the wisdom that is called homesteading. Homesteading is living within your means and creating a life that is simple, and mindful. In the age of technology we are in there are so many gizmos and gadgets that are invented that basically do jobs we can either do ourselves or make something that can help us. Homesteading is being innovative and using your creative skills to create things .

This post is awesome, showing us 8 different ways we can use 5 gallon buckets. These buckets can be purchased, or obtained for free, and the author of this post at The Homestead Guru, tells us where we can find them! I have actually gotten some and used them for planters before, and they worked great! Just drill some holes in the bottom and away you go! The other one I thought was great that they mention here, is to use it for storing tools, what a great idea! You could also make one for nails and screws and such.

Another great one is for growing mushrooms! Wouldn't it be incredible to grow different types of mushrooms all at your own home? Mushrooms are very healing and can be used for medicinal purposes, but sometimes they can tend to cost a lot of money if bought in the stores, but you could have your very own growing system at home! This just shows us that there are so many uses for many things that we would just throw away! If we can be creative and use our imaginations, we can make everything useful once again! Head over to 'The Homestead Guru' by following the link in the section below for more!

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