8 Outstanding Gardening Hacks That Can Double, Triple & Even Quadruple Crop Yield

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Many people turn to gardening for enjoyment or as a means to cut back on their grocery bills, but unfortunately, lack of space can be an issue for yielding a bountiful crop. The author, xpers, at the ‘Knowledge Weighs Nothing’ website, identifies eight practical means of expanding your space for gardening, and therefore your vegetable and berry yield. If you are an avid gardener already, you might have heard of some of these gardening hacks, but if you want to grow your own food for the first time, this article will be especially beneficial to you. Following these gardening tips and tricks, your backyard vegetable garden will produce tons of vegetables leading your family to eat healthy while cutting down the money you spend on groceries each month.

The gardening hacks presented in xpers’ article will help you make the best go of growing my own food for the first time if you are wondering how to make a garden. The steps to using your gardening space to the fullest require that you resort to vertical gardening. There are several types of vertical gardening, from trellising cucumbers to placing poles for pole beans. Early Native North Americans were known to do something similar to maximize on space by planting corn, beans, and squash together; beans would climb the corn stalks while squash would cover the ground and keep the weeds down so that each vegetable could perform prolifically. Today, people are turning to hanging baskets or buckets that have several holes in them that plants can grow out of. One method for vertical gardening is to plant strawberries in a tube that has wide holes in it. The strawberries are placed in the tube so that one plant comes out of one hole at the sides. Then, soil is put in on top of the strawberries to settle them in place. Rather than cordoning off one section of you space for strawberry gardening, you will only be taking up enough space required for one plant. This same method can be applied to potato gardening as well.

Perhaps one of the most useful methods of vertical gardening is to use a barrel rather than the tube method because you can get substantially more holes in a barrel, and therefore, more plants. Consider growing everything, except vine plants in vertical barrels. Vegetables, like small squash and cucumber, can grow vertically along trellises. To some degree, these will grow up the trellises naturally, but you might have to keep an eye on them and train the vines as they grow. Another effective method for cucumber gardening would be to put large poles in a tepee formation that the cucumbers can grow up.

The article states that you can get several garlic heads by planting individual garlic cloves as a money saving device. After your first year as a gardener, consider learning how to save seeds so that you won’t have to rely on purchasing seeds or starter plants ever again. Thank you to xpers, an author at ‘Knowledge Weighs Nothing’ website, for sharing their article on gardening hacks that can increase your crop.

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