8 Poison Free Ways to Get Rid of Mice

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Here are 8 Poison Free Ways to Get Rid of Mice, if they are plaguing you and your house. Although we do not want to harm the little creatures, mice can really destroy your home. They can eat their way through almost anything, and often burrow extensive paths through the insulation in your walls, ruining their ability to keep your walls warm. Then they steal the food out of your cupboards and hide it in the walls where it can rot, causing awful smells in strange areas of your home. Then there is the scratching. That usually starts about 2:30 in the morning. A tiny scratch! Scratch! Scratch! As these little mice move in and make their nests nice and cozy with the insulation they’ve chewed to pieces.

In the past, we have often simply used poisons to kill these little creatures. But poisons can cause horrible deaths that cause extensive pain to the creature as it dies. Then, other animals could get in to the poison, ones you did not mean to harm. That could include birds or squirrels if you have stored your poison outside in your garage. Ingesting these poisons can also accidentally kill domestic animals including dogs and cats. Or, worst of all, adventurous little ones eat the stuff. For these reasons, then, many people are choosing non-toxic forms of eliminating the critters where harmful poisons are not part of the solution.

This website offers eight ways to get rid of mice without introducing poison to the site. For many people, one of these methods will do the trick. And some of them make great smells in your house, like when you use peppermint oil and place it around your home. As you pass by the area where you have put the oil, you will also get a refreshing nose of the scent.

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