8 Steps to make your log cabin like new again

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When looking at real log cabins for sale, or when looking to restore your own log cabin, there are a few things you can do rejuvenate an old home. In fact, Quick Garden has 8 Steps on how to make your log cabin like new again that we are excited to share with you. Wood cabins are some of the most indestructible buildings known to man, which is why so many people dream of owning one. Also, wood cabins and homes can last hundreds of years depending on the quality of the wood used in constructing them. But, wood cabins wouldn't be able to last too long without proper maintenance. It's thanks to regular maintenance of wood cabins that keeps them looking beautiful and keeps them standing for years, decades and even centuries.

Cabin builders may not tell you upfront about the importance of regular log cabin maintenance, which is why some people don't really know how to take care of their wood cabins, letting them get old before their time. Luckily, even if there is some elemental damage already impacting wood cabins, it can be combated by taking these steps. As you look at real log cabins for sale, it's important to know what to look for in regards to the condition it's in and if it can be restored. Take along a professional builder or a log home inspector to be sure, especially in the final stages of closing a deal on a log house or cabin. Of course, there are also professional restorers that will work on bringing wood cabins back to life, but for those who want to tackle the restoration process themselves, it can be done by following several steps. Quick Garden shares the eight steps to restoring wood cabins as followed:

1. First of all, real log cabins for sale should be thoroughly inspected, and they will offer you an estimate for how much the repairs can expect to be. This number may change depending on if any additional damage is found.

2. Cleaning is the next step, which involves blowing away all dust and dirt and clearing any mold found on the logs using a pressure washer.

3. The cleaning is followed by cob blasting and stripping the wood which is essentially removing a layer of the wood, so the logs will accept the new application of stain.

4. Then, comes the rot and pest control to keep away mold and insects that will infest and damage the logs. Usually, a borate preservative is applied during this step which repels mold and insects from the wood.

5. This is the repair phase of restoring wood cabins and consists of repairing or replacing any logs that are too far gone to be left as a part of the structure. This step is best to be done by professionals because it requires matching the wood, so it remains continuous with the rest of the logs in the structure.

6. Next, sanding and buffing away any imperfections left behind by previous steps will create the perfect surface for applying the stain.

7. The last step before staining is caulking and chipping any gaps between logs which will ensure a tight seal and proper insulation.

8. Finally, the stain can be applied, and the house will be fully restored looking as good as new.

This all may seem like a big job to take on yourself, but if you take your time to do the job right, you will see amazing results. Of course Taking proper care ensures many happy years enjoying your log home or cabin which is priceless in the long run.***

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