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Building a house or a wood cabin of your own is an exciting process, but there are also so many options to choose from. The more sure you are of what you want, the better though, so it helps to get very clear on what you want your home design to look like and function like when you use the space. There are many small log home designs, log cabin designs and small house designs out there to choose from, but if you don’t want a cookie-cutter home design, you can either create a brand new custom small house design or you can customize a small log home. Many people are not looking to build a luxury log cabin, and they just want something simple and practical. They also want a home design that’s going to be affordable as well. The good news is that there are tons of ways you can customize even a small house design and work with the space inside of even the smallest log cabin designs. Most companies that have cabin kits for sale will have a number of different log cabin designs. They will have smaller wood cabins available and then larger cabin building plans. Whenever you are looking to create your home design and design your own house, you should ask yourself some important questions. You want to ask yourself if this is a place you see yourself being happy living in full time. It’s never good to design a small log home that doesn’t function well because then when you move in you will have trouble getting the space to work for you.

Think of how you will use the wood cabin and talk with your cabin builders and designers to get some ideas for different features and design ideas. Tiny house building is a bit different from building a regular sized home in that you have to strategize your home design so that it functions really well. Making use of every square inch inside your small house design is very important, and you’ll want to implement plenty of storage as well. If you’re building a prefab small house design on a piece of property that you’ve invested in, you may even want to spend some time out on the property to get an idea of the home design you’ll want to build. It’s a great idea to camp out on your land to get a feel for it and to visualize the type of log cabin designs you want to go with.

It’s also a great idea to get inspiration from log cabin design magazines and on the internet from prefabs or custom cabin building websites. Building simple small wood cabins will save you a lot of money on the materials and the furnishings, plus you’ll save a lot of money on the electricity and heating of your small log home. Unlike luxury log cabins, you can go with some of the more affordable fixtures and details. For example, if you just go with regular no-frills faucets and shower fixtures, you can save hundreds of dollars, and they still have the same function in your small house design. One of the major ways to save money on your tiny house building project is to do most of the building yourself. You can easily do this by purchasing a prefab small house design and building it yourself. Or you can also hire on help as needed so that you’re not too overwhelmed with the build but so that you can easily afford it and stay in your budget. Prefabricated construction makes it so much easier than doing all of the work on your own from scratch too.***

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