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This gorgeous small cottage is surprising at only 800 square feet in size. It contains an open space floor plan with a kitchen and living area, plus two bedrooms, a bathroom and laundry area. This small house design even has a large porch area to accommodate extensive entertaining, relaxation or grilling. If you are searching for unique small house plans, this quaint cottage includes built-in window seating and a breakfast counter, too. This space has all the essentials with a modern feel and cute home additions.

The company, Houseplans, helps those who are looking to build a home offset the costs of an architect. Architects can be pricey when drawing up the blueprints for building your dream home, which is why Houseplans is a good company to look at. They have thousands of designs available for sale, which means that all you have to do is purchase the building supplies and build on your chosen site. Houseplans will send you a PDF of the blueprint for building your home. They even have the option of customizing your chosen plan if there is something you would like changed. When you want to place an order but would like something changed in the plan of the home, simply click ‘Modify This Plan’ on the website or call their customer service number. The customer service team will be able to work with you to make your dream home a reality.

Small cottage homes, like this one, would work well in any location whether it be a country lot or in cottage country. This space would have everything you need for all-year living. This mini house even has a wood stove for heating in the main living area. The home has large windows so it would be exceptional if placed in a scenic area. The best thing about this small cottage is that it provides a combination of open concept living and privacy, with sufficient access to the outdoors. In addition to the plentiful windows, this home has three exits and a generously sized wrap around porch.

Once you purchase this small house design, you may be wondering about the cost. The cost of building your home will be dependent on where you live, the cost of the materials you choose to buy as well as the requirements in your area. Houseplans grants the option of you purchasing a cost-to-build report based on your postal code and property, which can help you budget for building your home.

Houseplans will sell blueprints to anyone in the United States and Canada and can provide a building cost report to anyone in those countries. For more information on this beautiful cottage-style home, check out Houseplans’ website. They have detailed photos of what the home would look like, as well as a floor plan with information on the exact size of each room. You can contact Houseplans for more information by calling their customer service center, emailing or filling in their online form.

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