83 Healthy Recipe Substitutions

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Enjoy these 83 Healthy Recipe Substitutions, and make your food and life more healthy for you and your family. Do you not deserve it? And do your kids not deserve it? We thought so. So here are some of the great ideas that the site, Greatist, has to offer in order to make your food and cooking the healthiest it can be. So start to enjoy these great offerings today and check out the site.

Some of the substitutions might be ones that you already are making for you and for your family. For example, do you already switch out white flour and choose whole wheat flour instead? There are plenty of ways to do this step. Whenever a recipe calls for you to use a thickening agent, whether it is white flour or even cornstarch, just substitute the same amount of whole wheat flour. You will really bump up the nutrition and add vitamins and minerals as well as some fiber that would not otherwise be in the dish that you are making for your family. Another way to substitute whole wheat flour for white flour is to choose whole wheat pasta at the grocery store. It may take a little while to become accustomed to the more robust flavor and texture of the whole wheat in the noodles that you buy, but you will add so much more nutrition to the daily food plan of you and your family that it is worth trying, at least.

Applesauce is another common substitute that many recipes use, both to bump up nutrition, but also to lower fats and sugars in various recipes. Applesauce can both substitute for sugar as well as for fat. So you can try to do the same trick when you are baking or cooking. The site also tells you how to substitute, in what ratio to swap out the sugar and add in the applesauce as well as how much of a reduction to make in the liquid in the recipe, as a result of the applesauce substitution. There are plenty of other fantastic tips and tricks that this site can offer you to improve the quality of the food that you and your family eat.

Bookmark this page so that you can read about the many ways that you can improve the food that you and your family eat. Keep it handy so that you can quickly and easily look up new ways to make up your favorite meals but to bolster their nutrition and taste. It can be a lot of fun. Or, get the kids to check out the site, and let them learn about the many ways they can get better nutrition.

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