9 Foods You Might Be Throwing Away Too Soon

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Are you one of those people who hates to have food sitting around on the counter, or left idle in the fridge? Here are 9 foods you might be throwing away too soon as you try to ensure that you and your family only eat the best and most fresh produce and foods and that your fridge stays fresh and clean too.

Our nose is often a good indicator of whether or not foods are fresh, but that isn’t always the only key. E-coli may not produce any smell or visible indicators on the food you eat, but it can still make you pretty sick. Producers often put “best until” dates on their food, or notes such as “best by” which pretty much means the same thing.

It is important to note that this date may or may not indicate that the food has gone by. Producers want to be sure that their food is eaten when it will have best flavor and highest quality and the date is usually fixed to ensure that you eat the product at that point. But that does not always mean the food has gone bad. It likely means that it might not taste as good as it might have, had you eaten it before or up to the date on the package.

Some fruits and vegetables are higher in nutrients when they are eaten ripe and fresh from the vine, rather than allowed to sit. Berries are one example, particularly strawberries and raspberries. These two fruits should be eaten as ripe as possible and as soon after they are taken from the vine as you can. That is why growing your own fruits of these kinds or frequenting farmer markets or U-picks are such a good idea during the summer months.

In any event, the importance of eating fresh food cannot be overstated. How to recognize when your food is really bad is important and this website can give you good guidelines to follow.

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