9 Natural Ways To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home

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With the way modern housing has evolved, as much as people love nature, it is for the most part, shut out, especially things that creep and crawl around. Here are 9 Natural Ways To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home. Instead of using the chemicals that usually are used when it comes to keeping these crawling creatures out of our homes, it is totally worth while to have some more natural, chemical free options in you bag of tricks. This will help to keep harmful substances out of your children's reach and yours so that your family isn't exposed to any unnecessary chemicals and toxins.

The great thing is, spiders respond pretty well to these natural cues, and if you are lover of all living beings, it spares their life in the process too! One of the most common ones I have heard of that is on this list as well, is mint. You can crush up mint leaves or put some of the potent 100% essential oil in a spray bottle with some water and spray it all around where they tend to come in. They don't like the strong scent and the spiciness of the oil so they will be sure to crawl away at once!

The other thing I have heard before but am not sure if it would even work, is to put chestnuts, which they also mention on this list. Apparently, they don't like the oils or smell of the nuts so they will also stay away from them at all costs. The best thing you can do to keep them away though, is to keep your house sealed properly and fix any cracks in your home that may be giving them an entrance welcoming them into your warm and cozy house.

Another main thing you can do is keep your house clean and clutter free, spiders love things that they can spin webs on and hide behind and while they don't cause any harm, I understand people are a little freaked out with their presence. So it is best to do what you can to prevent them from getting in your house in the first place. I personally don't mind spiders too much, I usually catch them somehow and set them free outside. Living in a place like Mexico and traveling in places where you have no choice but to live with all the creations under the sun really gives a person a different perspective on things. But if you are not up for settling on coexisting with them in your home yet, than here are some great ways to naturally prevent that! Head over to Natural Living Ideas by following the link in the description below for more of these great tips!

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